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    After reading ‘Worth More Than Rubies’, I just knew I had to read Kathie Thomas’s next book ‘It Happened By Design’.  ‘It Happened By Design’ is about God-incidences and I truly believe that this is what drew me to offer to read and review this book!  The stories and lessons related by the contributors are inspiring and eye opening to say the least.  I needed to hear the stories within to truly appreciate the wondrous gift I have been given.

    ‘It Happened By Design’ shows you another way to view the little things that happen in your life that you may consider a coincidence.  Like needing $5 to pay for lunch and finding it in the bottom of your handbag.  These aren’t coincidences – these are God-incidences.  He is showing you his love and support in small, but important ways.

    Whilst you can choose to read ‘It Happened By Design’ from cover to cover, I recommend that you let Him guide you to the story you need to read.  Pick up the book, and just let it open and read the story related on those pages and hear the lesson they relate.  That is the power of the stories related within the pages of this marvelous book.

    We’ve all heard of the Law Of Attraction – well God-incidences are the true manifestations of this law.  When you believe, and trust that He will provide – He will.  My husband and I have always believed that if we trust in a power greater than ourselves – then all will be well.  It was so nice to see that others believe and are rewarded in the same manner.

    Kathie Thomas has done it again…. ‘It Happened By Design’ is an excellent read and incredibly motivational.  Well done Kathie and Thank You for another great book.

    Charly Leetham, Canberra, Australia
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    From the Foreword, to the last word of the last chapter, Kathie Thomas’s latest book, It Happened by Design, captured my attention. I did not stop until I had read the entire book, front to back. The author’s writing style, combined with real-life stories, bring the pages to life. As the contributors told their stories about things that had happened in their lives that some might call co-incidences, but Thomas calls God-incidences, I was reminded of God’s love for each of us, and how nothing happens by accident. It’s all part of His plan. The book captivated my heart, and lifted my spirits. Thomas writes from her heart, and her words inspire the reader to be a better person.

    Pamela Archer, President
    Archer Fitness Consultants, Inc.

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    It Happened by Design contains story after story that illustrate the fact that God is always working. This book is eye-opening and will train you to be more aware of God’s great love for you as He orchestrates the events of your life in a way that only He can. As you ponder the stories in It Happened by Design, you will learn to see God’s fingerprints in every aspect of your life. Prepare to be encouraged!

    Rebecca Livermore, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur.

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    Have you ever experienced an amazing co-incidence in your life?  One so amazing that later you ask yourself if perhaps it was the hand of God at work?  Well, according to author Kathie Thomas, it just might be.  She says that instead of a co-incidence, you may have experienced a God–incidence.

    Kathie first heard the term “God-incidence” from her pastor a few years ago While listening to a sermon on how God used Joseph and his betrayal by his brothers to ultimately save the Hebrew nation, and how everything – every “coincidence” that occurred in Joseph’s life -actually moved him closer to his destined path, she realized that she too had experienced many such moments in her own life.

    Kathie began searching the internet and found that many others were also having these same experiences.  She asked others to share their stories.  Those stories became a book – “It Happened by Design”.

    It’s a wonderful book.  Kathie has changed nothing in the retelling of the many stories sent to her.  They ring with faith and truth.   And as you read you realize that, just as Kathie says, the hand of God is moving in the lives of these individuals.

    My favorite story is almost the last one in the book – Surprise!  God-incidence.  It tells the story of a woman who discovers God’s calling for her in a surprising way.  As I read it, I felt tears come – and then an amazing peace.  You see, I have been feeling a similar call as the one in the story – a call to reach out and bring God’s word to other women.  But then I turn away.  Surely God has another plan for a simple business woman from Arkansas?  Then suddenly Kathie asks for friends to review her newest book.  And I say I will – although I have never done such a thing before.  And I read a story of a woman who hears God’s call and I know that this is the path I am to take.  Co-incidence?  Of course not!  God-incidence!  As Kathie shows so beautifully in her book – it happened by design.

    Melodieann Whiteley,  WealthTogether, Inc.

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    ‘It Happened By Design’ is a touching account of God-related experiences as told by the people who experienced God’s personal intervention.  I was moved many times and often required a Kleenex, as one poignant story after another unfolded before my eyes.

    Each section is begun with a quote from the Bible which corresponds with the stories following, lending more impact to the personal narratives about to be read.

    An incredibly stirring and satisfying read.  Debra Shiveley Welch, Author

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