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I was listening to my Pastor at church late 2005 and he was telling the story of Joseph’s betrayal by his brothers and how God had meant everything that happened to Joseph for good. Each person who met up with Joseph, and each circumstance he found himself in, brought him into contact with intended consequences.

Ps Rob used the word ‘God-incidence’ and it appealed to me. I’d never heard of it before but it was a very apt description of something that could be interpreted by man as a co-incidence, but in actual fact was a God-incidence.

I wrote the word down on the sermon sheet in front of me thinking I could weave it into a story somewhere and submit it to a Christian magazine or online publication. Blogging was still a new phenomenon to me but by the end of the sermon I realized I had more than one story in me – all factual events that had taken place in my life. When I returned home that day I purchased the domain name ‘’, set up a new web space, installed WordPress software and was on my way.

Imagine my surprise when I did a search on Google only to find that the term ‘god-incidence’ was not quite so new and was often used. I found that many others wrote about their life experiences too, often using these words and then I was contacted by a couple who were preparing to publish a book about God-incidences.

In a world where so much bad is reported by the media, fills our newspapers and television reports and shows, it’s no wonder that people crave for good news stories – not just stories – but real life events that have happened to others, in order to give them, the reader, renewed hope for their own lives.

It is my hope and prayer that as you read through this book your own hope for your life will be renewed and perhaps you will even begin to recollect incidences in your own life that truly show God has touched your life. If that is the case, I would love to know about it as I’m sure that the incidences within are not the ends of this story by any means. For as long as we breath and remain on this earth, God will always be involved in our lives, whether we realise it at the time or not. Sometimes it’s not till the ‘punch line’ occurs that we look up, or look back, and see His guiding hand upon our lives.

In looking back we begin to realise that what took place was not a co-incidence at all because through God ‘it happened by design’ – His design.

Kathie M. Thomas