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    Posted by Kathie @ 11:37 pm

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  • I love the quote you placed at the top of this web site. I continue to tell my friends “things” happen because they are by His plan and design. God has planned that particular “event” to strengthen, guide us and help us grow in the Word of God – His scriptures. If we are listening, He sends us books that could change our life.

    You know that old saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!” A book that completely changed my thinking and moved me on to a different spiritual level – “Hinds’ Feet on High Places.”

    Thank you Kathie for all that you are doing. Reaching out to others in your books to bring hope and change in our life.

  • While reading the compilation of encouraging stories contained in “It Happened by Design,” I had goose-bumps rising on my arms and on the back of my neck. At other times, the tears flowed freely, as I related to the God-incidences in my own life. My favorite story was of neighbor, the dog. I predicted that he was an angel sent to protect the scared woman on her walk home one dark night.

    This book is a treasure, meant to be read more than once. It will bless you differently each time you read it! Thank you, Kathie, for providing a forum for you and your contributors to share their stories with us. Many more readers will remember and be thankful for the times God was there to provide for us and protect us from harm.

    Teri Dempski, BA
    Owner, Valued Service Virtual Assistants

  • I was feeling a bit poorly this afternoon, so sat down to read Kathie’s new book (reading is something I rarely get time for). Well… I just finished reading it a few hours later. It was great read. Very encouraging to hear the many and varied stories about how God intervened in day to day lives sometimes for big things, sometimes for small. I know God-incidences have happened many times in my life; I think I’ll have to start writing them down so that I remember them in the future. It’s a great book of hope – well done Kathie.

  • Wow, me too – goosebumps and watery eyes, for my recognition of universal God incidences! I have had those all through my life. Coming to the realization that, indeed there is SOMEONE looking out for me, and keeping me safe!
    Rob Breszney of freewillastrology.com, has put in a different way. He calls it the Divine WOW.
    Cool, so cool. Thanks for letting me comment on your bloggy!
    ~ Catherine of Washington State

  • Thank you so much Kathie, your book is so inspiring, really one of the best books Ive read for a while. Love the cover as well. Hope lots of people read your books and be inspired!!

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